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Azimuth tasks

  • Construct a Cholesky decomposer. See the existing code for LU decomposition to get an idea of how the format works. Make sure to test thoroughly to see that it properly handles singular, non symmetric, and non positive definite matrices. See section 2.9 in Numerical Recipes in C.
  • Construct a sparse Cholesky decomposer. I don't have any references for this.
  • Construct a sparse QR decomposer. There's whole sections on this in Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems, but I haven't read them yet.

UI.Controls taks

  • Build an exception console. Basically when Darwinbots is running, when an exception is encountered I want a special exception explorer to pop up on the screen that lets the user examine the exception (in a non modal way), log it in some ways (send an error report, save it to disk, save the currently running sim, etc.), and then ignore it and continue on with the sim (actually the sim should attempt to continue without the user present, but that's another story).

Graphics.Core tasks

  • Build a skeletal animation system. Not strictly necessary for Darwinbots but would be nice to have. See the implementation of Collage to get an idea of what needs to happen.
  • Build a GDI implementation. Consult the XNA implementation as necessary to get an idea of what to do. Should be pretty easy, since you don't have to worry about batching.