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Main Install

DarwinBots 2.1
This must be installed prior to installing the patches/updates. See the installation instructions.


Just copy into your Darwinbots folder (wherever you installed it, generally c:\Program File\DarwinbotsII\)
Unzip the zip file there and say yes to all overwrites.

Please note that higher versions might not necessarily be more stable and bug-free than lower versions.


NOTE: Sysvars2.21.txt may not be included in Version 2.37.6 It is available here as text or as a download
Place it in your DarwinBotsII folder.
2.37.6 is a very, very stable release. New users are encouraged to start with this version.


2.42.2 is also a very stable release, but there are some problems with ties and viruses. New users are strongly encouraged to download this release of 2.4 seperately, to use alongside 2.37.6. There are some big changes in 2.4, making it a very different program to 2.37.6. Users are encouraged to try both.
NOTE: Bots programmed for 2.37.6 may not work in 2.42.2

C++ Version

Coming soon ... See here for more details


Coming soon ...

Additional Releases