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Darwinbots Help Desk

Having trouble? Post your questions here or at the Forum making sure to be as specific as possible. The forum will guarantee a speedier response, but posting here will also allow new members to see if their question has already been answered.

At least one Wiki Admin is watching this page for changes, so a response shouldn't be too long in the coming.

Eventually all the most common questions will be arranged on a single separate page, with this page remaining to allow posting new questions.

Sysvars 2.21

I downloaded the installer and the patch that said "new users start here".
I don't have sysvars2.21.txt and none of the three download pages [2 of which are the same,
and the third doesn't work] list the file...
Maybe I missed something, but I went up and down that installation_guide multiple times and have
gone through the download page multiple times and have yet to find sysvars2.21.txt

Due to an oversight, sysvars2.21.txt wasn't included in the zip file for the latest 2.37 version.
Here is the download of

Save it into your DarwinBots main directory and it should work just fine.
There is also a page here describing Sysvars2.21.

Updating Versions

Hi, I have a problem when updating to the latest versions.
Ver 2.1 works great, then I saw there are many new versions so I tried to update.
I downloaded v2.4, copied the .exe and sysvars2.21.txt. Also I downloaded the 
new default.set and put it into the settings folder, overwriting the old one. 
Edited the line with the correct path for the robots, and put hunter V2.2 in the 
robots folder.
Now I open the program, start a new default simulation and all the bots fall 
down very fast.
I've tried to update a couple of times, because I thought I was doing something 
wrong, but it remains the same.
Also, I've tried with version 2.37.6, and everything seems OK (had to use sysvars2.21 
from the 2.4 zip file, because there's none in that versions zip file 
(I've read there's backwards compatibility with that)) and when I start a new simulation, 
the screen gets full of bots in a couple of seconds, so the program runs very slow.
What am I doing wrong?
I'd like to make 2.4.A work fine (with the default options set, to see how its meant 
to be before starting to tweak things). Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
thank you very much. great program!

from PY:
As far as the sysvars file goes, the one in the 2.4 version is more or less the same as the one for 2.37.6. It may contain one or two extra sysvar codes but they will not effect the way the game runs.

It seems as if you may be giving your bots too much energy per cycle from your settings. Also Hunter 2.2 was designed as a formula one combat bot with a tendency to breed as fast as possible. Just give him a good food source and you get a full screen in a few hundred cycles.

Try something a little more sedate like Circumversor Cantharis. he was a pretty good bot a few versions back and still runs reasonably well.

Even better, download my tutorial from the DarwinBots.com site if you haven't already worked through it. It contains various versions of "Simplebot" from the very basic to the complex along with explanations of how it works.

Finally, here is a copy of the default settings file that I use. You will probably need to change the robots though.

Bots falling down in 2.4 means you need to turn off gravity. It's under the physics and costs tab. While you're there open up the costs panel and hit the default costs button so bots spend energy when they do stuff.

Load/Save Sim

The most important thing (IMO) is that one should be able to load a simulation previously saved. That doesn't work for me in version....2.37.....whatever... Either nothing happens when trying to load or I get a crash.

I have experienced the same. I suspect it might be because you are trying
to load in a sim that was not previously saved with Version 2.37.6.
This happens for me and simply freezes up my computer.
So I suggest you select 'new sim' and once you have it set up ...
save it under a name of 2376_whatever.sim ...
this is what I do now ... and when I load this one in ... it works.
And one must also have the required bots, settings, sims in the correct
folder ... ie ... the Settings, Robots, Saves folders in the same DarwinBotsII
folder as your executable.
Don't know if this helps but ... when i follow the above, 2.37.6 functions OK for me. Griztalk 09:31, 14 Dec 2005 (MST)

-> Simulator Settings -> Physics and Cost -> Advanced Cost

I have version 2.4.A and i have the following problem: When I try to edit the values in "Advanced Cost" tab and set "Body Upkeep" to other then zero as default (Why? They live forever when not moving or shooting!?) I try "1" and they die immediately. Of course I lower the settings to "0,01" or "0,1" for example but when I run it and want to change it again it says zero again! Why does it reset like this? Does it have to be a whole number? Then they surely die too fast. Please help, as I do not like them to live forever and mess up with evolution. It should cost for them to only exist, then they die off if they are lazy ;)

I believe this is an issue with American and International number conventions, which is most unfortunate, and I'm only now realizing. You must do 0.01 and 0.1 instead of 0,01 and 0,1 To the program, 0,01 is some weird string and not a number, so it will push it back to 0 (which is the default "I have no idea what to do" value). --Numsgil 20:21, 14 Jan 2006 (MST)


Ver 2.4.A
Can't load League without it crashing ... either a New or existing league. run error 91. Griztalk 10:45, 17 Dec 2005 (MST)

still can't. does it work for anyone else? Griztalk 05:51, 12 Mar 2006 (MST)

It works for me but it takes a lot of hassle just to get it to work Problem-related Forum topic -Henk

EricL provided a few fixes for the League problems on the DB forum ....
but for the life of me I can't find those threads now, even using the search function.
That's the problem with the Forum, and the reason I am trying to get the bug fix info here
to the wiki where it can be found by old and new users alike.
When/if I ever find that thread again, I'll put the fixes here. Griztalk 05:28, 18 Mar 2006 (MST)