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Main Install

This will create some directories and install some runtimes. See the installation instructions.

Darwinbots 2.48.29 Setup

Runtimes must be installed to run Darwinbots.

Recent Releases

To update to the latest release, simply copy the file(s) included in a new release into your install location (by default in your User directory). Again, the new file(s) MUST be placed into your install location. Usually, new releases consist of only the DarwinBots executable. If other files are included in a release, you should say 'yes' to all overwrites. Then simply run the new executable instead of the executable that came with the main install.


Version 2.48.32 Bug fix in shot array. Crash prevention in fittest feature. Update to zerobot and survival algorithms.


Version 2.48.31 Bug fixes and cheaper poison. Bug fixes in physics engine.


Version 2.48.29 Bug fixes. Simplified sysvar parsing. Improved and simplified copy error and point mutations. Changes to CopyError2 and Point2 mutations. Recording menu. Bug fix for safemodebackup.exe (see full install)


Version 2.48.28 Mutation renornalization feature optimized. Bug fixing. Please download runtimes first.


Bug fixing and limit logic for survival fitness function. (Only available with runtimes install above.)


Darwinbots 2.48.26 uses new runtimes to generate true randomness.


Version 2.48.25 Some proper bug fixing in this latest version.

Version T2.48.25 A version of Darwinbots with true randomness.


Version 2.48.24 New species identification feature. Bug fixing. Latest version.

Version T2.48.24 A version of Darwinbots with true randomness.


Version 2.48.23 Bug fixing.

Version T2.48.23 A version of Darwinbots with true randomness.


Version 2.48.22 Fully functional Internet Mode.

Version T2.48.22 A version of Darwinbots with true randomness.


Version 2.48.17A Old Internet Mode (proven)

Version 2.48.17B New Internet Mode (no one using it, but awesome graphs are under development)


Version 2.48.16 UI Fixes and updates.


Version 2.48.14Minor bug fixing and an export of IM data for informational reasons.


Version 2.48.13 Some minor bug fixing, have not released a revision in a while.


Version 2.48.12 Minor bug fix and a new feature for Ecosystem Evolution.


Version 2.48.11 Major bug fix in IM: some robots where disappearing right after entering the simulation.


Version 2.48.09 IM fully integrated.


Version 2.48.08 Bug fix in chloroplast sharing, the robots never stopped sharing before.


Version 2.48.07 Bug fix in XY Gravity a.k.a. Planet Eaters. (Sorry, still says revision 6 in header)


Version 2.48.06 Some minor bug fixing that did not make it into 2.48.


Version 2.48 New restriction features and a partial redo of the chloroplast engine with features to evolve chloroplast based ecosystems.


Version 2.47.03


Version 2.47.02

Playerbot mode. Note: You must have keys.txt in DarwinBots install folder for feature to work correctly.

RGB Memory monitor.

Optimized survival evolution.

Zerobot evolution mode.


Version 2.47

Fully functional leagues.

Internet Mode that actually works.

New Survival evolution component.

Automatic Forking.


Version 2.46.01 (Sorry, teleporters messed up. Fix with 2.46.05 available on the forum. 2.47 work in progress.)

2.46.00 a.k.a. 2.46

Version 2.46


Version 2.45.03


Version 2.45.02 A more stable version of 2.45.02 is available Here


Version 2.45.01 is a stable version of DarwinBots.

Versions post 2.45.00 require a current (1.2<) version of DarwinbotsIM to be placed in the same directory for the internet mode to work.


Version 2.44.06 if you have problems with 2.45.00 this version may work better for you.


Safemode backup External safemode simulation backup tool.

Graph Join lets you reconstruct graph data generated by DarwinBots when save on d.p. 999 is enabled.

Snapshot Search lets you query a snapshot file (.snp) for specific DNA files.

Manual sex repro is a full accuracy standalone to crossover two robots.

Restarter simply used by the program as an external restart algorithm for advanced features. Do not use directly.

Internet Mode Fix

A new full solution to Internet mode is on its way. Due to constant bugs and incompatibility issues Ammeh was unable to publish IM in Delphi. The full solution called PeterIM will be shipped with the install package.

I am not sure if old IM that is comparable with older versions still works but if you would like to use it view the Internet Mode Fix page for instructions.


Installing DarwinBots under Linux

DarwinBots can run under Linux using the wine Windows emulator, although the simulation speed may be slower and bugs and crashes may happen. Following these steps will usually make it work:

  1. Install the Wine package.
  2. Get the libraries MSVBVM60.dll, scrrun.dll and wininet.dll from reliable sources. If DB crashes when you try to run it, you'll problably need a few more dlls.
  3. Place those files at the folder /(username)/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32.
  4. Open a terminal window and go to the system32 folder.
  5. Write "wine regsvr32 scrrun.dll". This will register the dll in the Wine Windows registry. If this doesn't work, try "regedit scrrun.dll".
  6. Now, do "winecfg", select "wininet" at Libraries and specify it to be run first as native.
  7. Get the DB installer, place the setup.exe file somewhere in the drive_c folder.
  8. Go to that folder and type wine setup.exe. This will install the old DB version and some needed files. Then you can drop the newer executables and run them with wine. If you aren't comfortable using the terminal, you can load a wine file explorer running "winefile". You can also configure how wine emulates Windows for the DB executables with "winecfg", although the Windows 2000 default setting seems to work well.

If you are using linux, native text editors may render the file incompatable with the darwinbots program (unix vs windows line endings). If this happens to you, edit your bot files with wine's built-in notepad clone. You can run it by typing 'wine notepad' into a terminal.


The Darwinbots community is quite active, and major releases are made public generally every month. Each new version contains substantial improvements. Don't cheat your Darwinbots experience! Be sure to have the latest version installed.

Upgrading Darwinbots is quite easy, as all you need is the new sysvars file and executable. New patches are listed here in chronological order, so newer releases are generally listed last for a section.

Newer releases are, obviously, of higher numbers. Thus 2.36 comes after 2.35 but before 2.4.

After downloading the zip of the new version, unzip it to your Darwinbots folder. (typically C:\Program Files\DarwinBotsII) Yes, you must do this manually. The developers are far too busy with real programming to figure out how to implement an autopatcher. -This info may be outdated.

Well, not really, we created a new installer system so it automatically installs everything you will need, just make sure you have backups of the stuff you want to keep. -Botsareus

When you unzip your new version of DarwinBots, "sysvars2.21.txt" will automatically overwrite the existing version if you have one. This is okay since the sysvars files are backward compatible.


Note: The robots that come with the main 2.1 install above will run in modern versions, but they are going to act a little stupid. They may have a hard time even surviving. Strongly consider downloading more modern bots from the bestiary. Animal Minimalis is a good start, and is used in the Robot Tutorials. Just copy the text into a plain old .txt file, and put the file into your robots directory.


The Darwinbots bot writing tutorial by PY is a little old but a very good primer to learning how the DNA works. You can also check out the Robot Tutorial

Regional settings

Darwinbots is pretty stupid and assumes that you're using the American decimal system, where numbers look like this: 123,456.789 (123 thousand...). If you don't live in America, and you're used to numbers looking like this: 123.456,789, Darwinbots will run, but there will be a few random errors in the user interface. To fix this, go to your Windows Control Panel->Regional and Language Options-> and make sure the number blank says "123,456,789.00". If it doesn't, change your region to one that does (such as English(United States)).

Final Note

New versions almost always have bugs. The first week or so after a new release is filled with the programmers releasing minor updates almost daily. These updates are noted by the suffix numbers of the version. Thus, 2.37.0 was the initial release of 2.37 2.37.4 is the 4th bug fix version released.

We know it's a pain to download a new patch almost every day. But it's only through community bug testing that the bugs can be isolated at all.

Anything with the same first 3 digits (that is, all versions of 2.XX) have the same features and differ only in minor bug fixing.

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