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(This is how internet mode worked for older versions)

Limitations of Visual Basic 6 left the standard Internet Mode with several bugs and it generally does not work very well because of this. To correct the problem, Sammeh put together a fix by way of a helper program. Shasta has since redone this program, it is now released as DarwinbotsGUIM and DawinbotsIM.

Installation and Setup


As of version 1.2 this is now a command line application.

  • Make sure you have Darwinbots 2.45.00 or later.
  • Download the fix into the same directory as your Darwinbots executable.
  • Click the IM button inside Darwinbots. (Looks like two computers)


This is the GUI version of the program, most people wont need it anymore and it is much more of a pain to setup.

  • Download the fix into the same directory as your Darwinbots executable (For ease of use, it can actually be anywhere).
  • Create two folders somewhere on your hard disk, they can be named anything you want, but for ease call one inbound and one outbound.
  • Inside Darwinbots, create a new teleporter (Objects->Teleporters->New Teleporter...)
  • Set the type to inbound, and then change the path to the location of the inbound folder you made earlier.
  • Create another teleporter, only set the type to outbound, and the path to the outbound folder you made.
  • Now run DarwinbotsGUIM.exe
  • Change the inbound and outbound paths to the ones you made.
  • Change the nickname to whatever you please (Your name on the forums would be good)
  • Check to make sure a Darwinbots process is selected (the drop down box)
  • Press Start.
  • You now have a sim connected to the Internet, congratulations!

IRC Commands

There are also commands in our IRC channel that leverage the fix.

  •  !bots - Lists the number of bots in transit
  •  !online - Shows the active sims connected to IM
  •  !im - Shows total population of active sims connected to IM along with their individual contributions
  •  !info <simname> - Shows how many bots are running at what speed on a particular sim
  •  !siminfo <simname> - Shows detailed information on a particular sim
  •  !bcps - Shows the total Bot Cycles per Second. Essentially, the bigger this number, the more power IM mode has available.
  •  !help - Displays all available commands.