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As of version 2.43d, Darwinbots comes with an exciting new feature: Internet sharing mode.

To use internet sharing mode, you must give yourself a nickname, which you can do on the Internet tab of the simulation settings menu.

To activate F1 internet mode, press the button in the top right hand corner marked IF1. A graph of internet populations will appear, along with an internet log. A green light will appear next to the IF1 button, and a teleporter will be added to the sim.

The Teleporter

This small silver-blue ball is the gateway to the internet. By default it will be small and mobile. Any bots that collide with it will be removed from the sim and sent on their way to the internet. When this happens the internet log will show:

(Date) (Time) (Robot) sent to internet.

For example:

23/09/2007 15:15:07: Alga_Minimalis.txt sent to internet.

When a bot is sent through the teleporter, it is stored as an organism file in your transfers directory (under /F1/Out). The next time your internet teleporter updates, a batch of organisms from the transfers directory will be uploaded to the FTP server.

When the teleporter updates, your internet populations graph synchronises with the other sims online. You may also get bots teleporting in from the FTP server. These bots will be randomly placed into your sim.

When a bot teleports in from the internet, the internet log will show:

(Date) (Time) (Robot) teleported in from (Nickname)

For example:

23/09/2007 15:16:05: Preditor7(EricL).txt teleported in from EricL2

The internet log also keeps track of the number of bots that have teleported into, and the number of bots that have gone out of, your sim, and the number of cycles remaining until the next update.


If your bot can reach a population of 25000 in the F1 megasim, Eric will buy you a beer