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Help Editing Wiki Pages

  1. Click on Edit this page on top of web page or edit on the right (if available) for a section
  2. Type in text
  3. Click on Show Preview. Modify if required.
  4. Add summary if required. Click on Save page.

Practice editing in the Sandbox

Wiki Code

Most basic HTML commands will work, but wiki also has "easier" ways to specify some commands.
Triple single quotes, like '''Bold''' around text will make it bold, like Bold. and two single quotes will show Italics.)

Also ... there are newer CSS commands to replace outdated HTML. Stay tuned.

Some other Wiki things:

placing a 'space' at the beginning of a line
results in the text being displayed exactly as written
inside this blue box ... wysiwyg.
so this works good for displaying robot code snippets
and other DB code

Here's another way:
Use <pre> and </pre> to bracket your code.
This precludes one having to enter a space at the beginning of every line.
An example:

A handy method for eventually unfixing the stuck bot is:

'will normally unfix bot by restoring .fixpos to zero
'typically I place this in most bots to prevent possible attack and accidental fixing
.fixpos *.fixed mult dec

This will also disable any HTML code/tags within the 'box'
allowing one to list them as instructions without activating the tag.

 <b><i><u> have no effect within the <nowiki><pre>
tags.</nowiki> </pre>

Placing Comments in the Edit Window

 using <!-- and --> one can place comments in the edit window which will not be visible on the page.
 like so: <!-- place any comments/code examples/reminders here -->

Table of contents (TOC)

For each article with more than three headings, a table of contents (TOC) is automatically generated from the section headings, unless:

  • (for a user) preferences are set to turn it off
  • (for an article) in the edit box the code __NOTOC__ is added

The TOC is put before the first section header unless it is placed manually with the code __TOC__. Thus there may be some introductory text before it, known as the "lead".

__NOTOC__ disables Table of Contents on those short pages which may not require it.
__TOC__ will manually place the TOC

Bullet list

adding * at the beginning of a line will form a bullet list.

  • 1st bullet
  • 2nd bullet
  • etc ...

Number list

adding # at the beginning of a line will form a number list.

  1. 1st
  2. 2nd
  3. etc ...

Line Break

If you put a break command <br>
at the end of a line you can get a
single spacing and format your code
like you wish.


adding  : at the beginning of a line will indent.

no indent

one indent

this also precludes having to place <br> at the end of a line to break it.

===Font Size=== (using HTML)

<font size = 1> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = 2> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = 3> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = 4> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = 5> Text </font> =  Text

Or, instead of using absolute sizes, you can adjust font sizes relative to the ones that the user has chosen. So for instance, if a user with visual difficulties has already set his or her font sizes to be large, you make them larger and will not accidentally set them smaller than the user can read.

<font size = +1> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = +2> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = +3> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = +4> Text </font> =  Text
<font size = +5> Text </font> =  Text

You can also make a font smaller:

<font size = -2> Text </font> =  Text

===Font Color=== (using HTML)

<font color="Red"> Text </font>   =  Text
<font color="Green"> Text </font> =  Text
<font color="Purple"> Text </font> =  Text
<font color=#FF8800> Text </font> =  Text

even R A I N B O W C O L O R S are possible

(Font colors may look different on different screens, but the basic colors such as red, green, blue, black and white are fairly consistent.)

Font color, face, size

<font color=#FF8890 face=Verdana size=5>

<font color=#0088CC face=Comic Sans MS size=6> 

(If the viewer does not have the font you select on his or her computer, it may not look the way you expect.)

Other HTML Commands

<B> Text </B> = Bold Text
<I> Text </I> = Italic Text
<U> Text </U> = Underlined Text
<S> Text </S> = Strikeout Text
or any combination:
<U><B> Text </B></U> = Underline/Bold Text 

Math Markup

Not sure this is a feature here yet ... will have to experiment.

 A = b ^ x


Here is where all the major templates for this wikki will go.

  • delete - {{delete}} This is the rapid delete template, designed so users can request page deletes by admins

External Help

Help:WikiCities - Wikicities help area, very useful and informative Wiki Spam - A page on wikispam from wikimedia.

Protected Pages

A page that has been locked from editing. See WikiManual:Protected page for more information.