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Multibots are organisms that are made up of more than one bot. In a MB (MultiBot) the bots are connected by ties . The first multibot was in the form of a triangle where each bot worked independently, but all three coordinated their movement in order to obtain food.

"No image currently here"

This is a picture of the Triangulus_P bot, the first MB ever created.

MB Commands

The bots in the MB must be connected with each other, and for that they use ties . The bots within a MB can share information, energy and protective layers with each other. Bots can learn whether they are a part of MB using the .multi command, which returns 1 when the bot is a part of a MB(intentially or not), and 0 when it is not.

MB Advantages

The MBs have some advantages over a normal Single Bot(SB) . Each bot in a MB can carry more slime and shell. They can share the work between them. Some bots do work that others don't. And they dont suffer ShockDeath.

MB Problems

Many MBs have difficulty when it comes time to reproduce. Co-ordinating motion in one direction amongst the bots can also prove difficult. With good coding, however, any problem can be solved.