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As of version 2.45.03 Darwinbots will include a new 'Safemode' feature which will make crash catching easier. If you experience a crash just restart the program and follow the instructions on the screen.

Safemode works by trying to figure out at what point in the simulation the program crashed in 2,000 cycle intervals. There is a very rare chance that you will be prompted to enter diagnostic mode more then 3 times, if that happens just give the administrator the lastran.set file.

You can also use safemode to send the administrator bugs. Just send him the lastran.set and lastautosave.sim files.

Finally, you can disable safemode to improve performance by going to global settings. However, this is not recommended as there will be no way to debug the program if a crash or a bug happens.

Please use the following precautions if you would like for safemode to work correctly:

  • Never use 'Start New' or 'Load Simulation' if a simulation is already running. Save the settings and restart the program instead. If you don't do this and the crash happens during the first 2,000 cycles there will be no way to restore the data.
  • Please have all of the robots that you started or loaded a simulation in there original condition just in case the administrator does not have them. Unless, specific robots where explicitly specified by the program.
  • Safemode does not work on competitions that last more then one round. If you are running competitions and still want safemode to run correctly limit them to one round.

Here is a visual walk trough on how to use safemode: