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Cannibots, or Canni's for short, is a bot that has turned cannibalistic. It typically attacks everything within range, often including it's own children. Many dislike Canni's and typically try to avoid them in sims. Quite often once cannibotism becomes established, one single bot will take over wiping out the population and subsequently dying without leaving any descendents.

Ways to avoid Canni's

One of the better ways to fight cannibotism is to decrease birth nrg, typical values are 10-100. Another method is to ensure that bots are forced to work together either due to enviromental circumstances or internal feeding methods.

A favorite feeding method is sharing nrg equally at 50%. Any bot not particpating is guaranteed to die off since offspring are unable to feed without a Sharer's help.

Accepting Canni's or If you can't beat them join them.

Considering that often Canni's are a part of life in EvoSims it is an even better strategy to plan for them from the outset. Genes that allow a bot to fight or flight if attacked are guaranteed to help. Other ways to help ease the transition from normal to Canni is with genes fireing only when refage is 20 >; at this stage a child will have likely been able to get away, leaving the parent free to feed from nearby bots.