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Cannibots, or Canni's for short, are bots that attack everything, including their own population.


  • The Cannibot population attacks everything but the Cannibot's source population does not attack the Cannibot population.
  • Cannibots attack everything, including their own children.
  • It is hard to determine if a target is the same population as itself.
  • Cannibots wipe out their source population(s) without leaving any descendants.
  • Cannibots use a lot of the ecosystems energy to battle each other instead of using it for more complex behavior evolving.


  • More individual food supply.
  • Higher evolutionary pressure speeds up evolution.
  • A population raised out of a newly discovered food source can survive for some time on cost of its weaker individuals after the food source runs out.

Ways to avoid Cannibot extinctions:

  • Make offspring smaller since a weaker offspring is unlikely to kill the parent...
    • by decreasing birth .nrg
    • by decreasing the value stored in .repro
  • Genes that allow a bot to fight or flight if attacked are guaranteed to help.
    • Don't use Poison and Venom when attacked by a Cannibot. It has no effect on members of the same species.
  • Let the Cannibot child run and hide...
    • by rotating parent and child after reproduction.
    • by making a bot move more until it reaches a given age.
    • ".refage 20 >" don't attack children.
    • ".robage 50 >" don't attack as a child.
  • Make bots that act as a social group, feeding and guarding each other and hunting together.(Although that defeats the purpose of a cannibot).
    • Tie feeder