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Big Berthas are bots that have lost their ability to reproduce, or set the nrg requirements for reproducing impossibly high. The result is that they slowly begin to bulk up, becoming stronger and stronger, until they max out their body at 32000.

The problem is that these bots then become a kind of immortal God to the other, weaker bots that are still reproducing. Many, many evo sims have fallen to 6 or 7 big berthas that have "camped" the entire world, "pwning" the few bots that are able to make a meager living on the few stray energy shots that happen their way. Eventually, only the big berthas remain, and they too eventually die to waste build up, forcing the simulation to restart.

Most bots are killed with 1 or 2 shots by a big bertha, making resistance next to impossible.

Strategies for avoiding Big Berthas:

  • Set waste threshold quite low - this will cause big berthas, when they do develop, to die faster.
  • Set script to kill all bots that lose the ability to reproduce - this is a very shaky strategy since bots can learn to reproduce without using a .repro command, and big berthas can develop that still technically have a .repro command.
  • Have your other bots bulk up - If you set the reproduction threshold at which your normal bots reproduce quite high, big berthas lose much of their advantage, becoming little more than fat eunuchs.
  • Double up your repro genes - Bots are less likely to become big berthas if they have several spare reproduction genes in reserve if one fails