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In order to destructure the DNA language (so mutations can likewise be destructured), the way in which genes work had to be redone.

The code that does it all (Visual Basic)

Instead of trying to explain it all, which I'm sure I'd fail at, I'll just post the code that does it. This isn't exactly the same code that's in the program. I modified it a bit to make it more readable.

Select Case n
  Case 1 'cond
    CurrentFlow = COND
  Case 2, 3, 4 'assume a stop command, or it really is a stop command
    'this is supposed to come before case 2 and 3, since these commands
    'must be executed before start and else have a chance to go
    If CurrentFlow = COND Then CurrentCondFlag = AddupCond() 'ANDs all conditions
    CurrentFlow = CLEAR
    Select Case n
      Case 2 'start
        If CurrentCondFlag = NEXTBODY Then CurrentFlow = BODY
      Case 3 'else
        If CurrentCondFlag = NEXTELSE Then CurrentFlow = ELSEBODY
    End Select
End Select

The store commands will only operate if CurrentFlow is set to something other than CLEAR.

I don't remember what the default values are for CurrentFlow and CurrentCondFlag.

How the DNA works