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Rules! No tie feeding allowed! You may not fire a tie then feed through it. You may not feed through a tie that has been fired at you! You may not share energy through a tie with an adversary or a veggie but you may share with your own species. You MAY cause an adversary robot to give you his energy through HIS tie (Commonly known as Leaching) by means of reprogramming his DNA with shots, ties, poison or venom. You MAY fire ties for other purposes such as injecting venom or holding another robot still while you shoot it. Viruses of any kind prohibited.


  • Field size 9237 X 6928. If you can't figure out how to get this (non standard size), just click the "Restart and Leagues" tab from the options window then check the "Use F1 conditions" box. If you don't want to run the leagues, simply uncheck it again and the size setting will stay the same.
  • Veggie feeding rate = 30
  • Maximum veggies = 25
  • Respawn veggies = 10
  • Kill distant Veggies = OFF
  • Corpses = OFF
  • Pond mode = OFF
  • Day Night cycles = OFF
  • Buoyancy = OFF
  • Friction = 3
  • Gravity = zero
  • Brownian Motion = zero
  • Mutations = ALL Disabled
  • Internet sharing = OFF