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Shapes are objects that can be added into sims, which block bots and shots from passing through them. They can be used to make sim environments more interesting.

To add a shape, click on the "Objects" menu, then go to "Shapes", and click on "New Shape...". You will then be presented with a list of options. Click "Add Shape" at the bottom when you're done to introduce the shape into the sim at a random location. You can then click on the shape and drag it to wherever you want to put it.

Shape Properties

Shape dimensions can be altered: do you want a long thin shape, a huge monolithic block, a small block, or something in between?

There is also an option to allow bots to see shapes. When this option is selected the shapes will appear in the eyes of a bot. By using .reftype a bot can distinguish between other bots and shapes.

Shapes can also be set to move at random. The speed of this movement can be controlled too.


Shapes can be put to a wide variety of different uses. They can be used to partition off areas of the sim containing different species, form obstacles that provide environmental diversity and geographical separation, and much, much more.


Mazes are automatic placements of shapes to form a preset environment. Mazes include labyrinths, vertical and horizontal mazes and a "trash compactor" maze which takes the form of two monolithic blocks which come together to compress the sim.