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Ties are like connections that bind two bots together. In the first 20 cycles after creation, they are springy. Once created, a bot can use it to feed using tie feeding. After 20 cycles a tie "hardens" to a hard tie "bone" and the bot becomes a Multibot allowing it access to special Sharing and tie commands as well as identification as a MB (Multi-bot).


Ties are used by Single Bot to steal Energy from other bots by tie feeding as well as binding together other bots to create a MB.

With a hard tie a bot gains the ability to use the Multibot sharing capability in addition to the commands shown below.


.tie 330
.stifftie 331
.numties 466
.tiepres 454
.tienum 455
.readtie 471
.deltie 467
.tieloc 452
.tieval 453