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A veggie or Alga is any bot that has the autotroph box checked. This enables the bot to be fed by the program and enables it to feed off any waste it receives. If the veggie population exceeds the population limit set, the program will not allow any veggies to repopulate.


If a certain number of veggies die the species will be repopulated by allowing exactly 10% of the remaining veggy population to reproduce. This number is user set in the veggies options under general. The nrg of the repopulated veggies will be the same as that set for the species in the first options panel. Often repopulation is necessary to keep the bots inside alive, although cancerous veggies (veggies that always try to reproduce) have been shown to be a self sustaining energy source . If the population drops below the maximum number of vegetables allowed in the simulation a tenth of all veggies will be allowed to reproduce. This is done to prevent population spikes that were once common if the entire population were to reproduce at once.

The repopulation cooldown period allows you to specify how long it takes until new veggies are dropped into the sim. Setting this too low is a significant source of bot overpopulation, since the faster the bots eat the new veggies the faster they get new veggies.

Veggy feeding methods

  • nrg per cycle - a straight forward feeding method. Each veggy gets a set amount of energy per cycle.
  • per kilobody - each veggy gets a set amount of Energy per 1000 Body points. This is useful as it discourages cancerous veggies from developing
  • Quadratically based on body -

Veggy Trouble

If your veggies become monstrously fat in the first several seconds of a sim, and your cycles per second becomes too low, you're probably giving the veggies too much energy.

This makes the program unstable and somewhat unpredictable.

Check the simulation settings for veggies and be sure the nrg/cycle text box for veggies is set to something under 100.