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V221.gif 19 .setaim directly sets the exact orientation/heading of a robot.



.shoot 7 .shootval 8
.kills 220
.backshot 900 .aimshoot 901

1256 (or 0) .setaim store  ---> towards right of screen
314 .setaim store --- up
628 .setaim store --- to the left of screen
942 .setaim store --- down
1256 rnd .setaim store --- random 0-360 degrees
can be used in conjunction with .aim to to effect a small turn ...
in this case, a small turn to the left of the robot's current heading.
*.aim 10 add .setaim store
Can also be used to accurately turn towards something ...
*.refxpos *.refypos angle .setaim store