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V221.gif .shoot shoots particles to hunt, feed or carry information to a target. The shot's strength and range are determined by a bot's body. A shot by default fires directly along the bot's front .eye5 vector. Shooting is one of the most common attacks used, along with tie attacks.



.shoot 7 .shootval 8
.kills 220
.backshot 900 .aimshoot 901


Whenever a non zero value is stored in .shoot, a shot particle is produced.


-1 .shoot store


-1 7 store

Shoots a particle for hunting. Anything hit by that particle will send energy particles back to the shots direction.

Negative numbers:

Negative numbers feed or damage the target:

  • -1 shots are for hunting.
  • -2 shots, Energy for feeding.
  • -3 shots, Venom (Robot is immune to Venom from his own species).
  • -4 shots, Waste.
  • -5 shots, Poison in response to an incoming "-1 shot" or "Positive number shot" (Robot is immune to poison from his own species).
  • -6 shots, Body.
  • -7 shots, You cannot shoot viruses, but the .shflav of a virus is -7
  • -8 shots, Sperm

After body and energy shots hit a bot they receive a -2 shot back in proportion to the damage caused by the original shot in the ratio of: 95% energy, 4% body and 1% waste. .shootval increases the range and strength of such a shot.

Positive numbers:

Positive numbers will set the numbers Sysvar of a target to the number stored in the shooters .shootval. This can be used to transfer information or to enforce actions.

50 .shoot store

Store a value of 50 in my memory location 7 (.shoot). The value stored in .shoot defines the memory location in which it will strike its target. The value stored in .shootval will be transferred into that memory location when the shot hits another robot.

The memory location for .delgene is the only memory location that memory shots cannot affect.