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There are many ways that one bot can attack another. These fall under three categories: shooting, Viruses and ties.


A bot can attack another in many ways using shots. The type of attack the bot uses depends on what is put into the sysvar .shoot

-1 shots

By putting -1 into .shoot, a bot fires a regular feeding shot. The bot on the receiving end of such a shot is forced to shoot some of its energy back.

-2 shots

By putting -2 into .shoot, a bot fires some of its energy. This is not an attack, as it can only benefit the "victim".

-3 shots

Putting -3 into .shoot will fire venom

-4 shots

Putting -4 into .shoot will fire waste

-5 shots

Poison shots. -5 shots cannot be fired manually. They are fired automatically if a -1 shot hits you.

-6 shots

Putting -6 into .shoot will fire a body shot. Body shots are similar to -1 shots but drain an attacker's body rather than his energy.

Info shots

Putting a memory into .shoot will overwrite that memory location of your target with the contents of .shootval

.aimdx .shoot store
628 .shootval store

Will fire a shot that causes an enemy to turn 180 degrees when hit.

32000 .shootval store
.shootval .shoot store

This will cause a bot to spend all its nrg the next time it fires a -1,-2 or -6 shot making it extremely powerful, killing the affected bot. Make sure to stay out of the way when this happens as the resulting shot will kill anything it impacts. A way to prevent this is to go for distance instead of power and use -32000 instead. This will, however, not affect -2 shots (I think).

Tie Attacks

After storing the tie number in .tienum, a bot can transfer resources via .tieloc and .tieval.

A positive transfer gives the other bot some resources, a negative happily does the opposite.

-1 or energy

Transfer energy by storing -1 into tieloc. For this tieval maxes out at 1000 units, although your bot is also limited by the amount of body it has.

-3 or venom

Transfer venom by storing -3 into tieloc.

-4 or waste

If you don't want wait to use .sharewaste, you can also give or take waste with this. Useful if you want a veggy to convert some for you, or reversed for veggies that want an extra meal.

-6 or body

Transfer energy stored in body mass by storing -6 into tieloc. Restrictions are similar to -1 feeding, the input:body transferred ratio is 10:1.

Info Ties

Putting a memory location into .tieloc will overwrite that memory location of your target with the contents of .tieval

*.tiepres .tienum store
-200 .tieval store
.mkshell .tieloc store

This will force another bot to unmake shell, opening it up for shot attacks.

MB Share Attacks

Share Energy

The most useful of the share abilities for hunters is the .sharenrg command. If a hunter becomes a technical multibot while it is tiefeeding, it can then steal 99% of another bots energy by storing:

99 .sharenrg *.multi mult store

This coupled with shot attacks will soon wipe out any opponent.


A virus is a gene from the DNA that is shot out as a blue shot, and is inserted into another bot's DNA when it hits that bot. Using the .mkvirus command, a virus is prepared. For example, 3 .mkvirus will turn the third gene into a virus, or for self-replicating viruses, *.thisgene .mkvirus will pack the current gene into a virus. Once the virus is done (this varies with the gene size, so keep viruses small), it can be shot out using .vshoot; the higher the input value, the longer the virus survives for.

WARNING: Viruses you shoot can come back to infect yourself sometimes; this can be a headache, especially if you have a gene to act as a 'safety catch' and the virus inserts itself behind it. This doesn't seem like such a threat at first, but remember that virus are inherited!