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A batterybot is a type of bot that uses a veggy as a portable 'battery', draining its energy but keeping it alive. It could be regarded as a special type of sharefeeder.

Batterybots have access to a nearly unlimited energy source and can perform feats that would be nearly impossible to a regular bot such as storing up huge amounts of poison, venom, slime etc. and using very powerful shots but are slowed down by the veggy that they are lugging around everywhere.

Battery Gene, from Elite

'battery gene ... snags veggies

*.tiepres .readtie *.numties sgn mult store
.tiepres .memloc *.robage -1 mult 1 add sgn mult store
.numties .tmemloc *.robage -1 mult 1 add sgn mult store
55 .tie *.numties sgn -1 mult 1 add sgn mult *.refeye sgn -1 mult 1 add sgn mult *.eye5 45 sub sgn mult *.memval sgn -1 mult 1 add sgn mult *.robage sgn mult store
628 .fixang *.numties sgn mult store
50 .fixlen *.numties sgn mult store
55 .tienum *.numties sgn mult *.treffixed mult store
.fixpos .tieloc *.numties sgn mult *.treffixed mult store
0 .tieval *.numties sgn mult *.treffixed mult store
80 .sharenrg *.multi mult store
*.tiepres .deltie *.robage -1 mult 50 add sgn mult store
*.tiepres .deltie *.tmemval 1 sub sgn mult store
*.tiepres .deltie *.myeye *.trefeye sub sgn abs -1 mult 1 add mult store

It is a good idea to keep the 'battery' veggy alive, because (as previously stated) the 'battery' supplies your bots with enormous amounts of energy. Methods of helping the veggy survive include sharing shell and slime, and to produce energy as well as getting rid of waste at the same time, program your bots to give all their waste to the veggy via the MB Sharing commands, which the veggies will then metabolize into extra energy which is then going to be able to be sucked out of the veggy.