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The menu option New Shape allows the creation of customized shapes and allows settings effecting all shapes to be set. All changes except those to the Dimensions Menu and the Maze Properties Menu will effect all shapes on the field.

Dimensions Menu

The dimensions menu contains the height slider bar and the width slider bar which allow the setting of these attributes of a shape. To create a shape click the create shape button.

Movement Menu

The movement menu contains the "allow horizontal drift", "allow vertical drift" boxes and the "velocity slider bar".The "allow horizontal drift "and "allow vertical drift" bars allow the box to move in the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.The "velocity" slider bar determines the speed of the random movement of the shapes.

Maze Properties Menu

The maze properties menu contains the "corridor width" and "wall thickness" bars which allow the setting of these attributes of a maze.

Color Menu

The color menu contains two selections "random" and "black".

Appearance Menu

The appearance menu allows the appearance of the shape to be set to either transparent or opaque. "Transparent" will make the shape invisible except for the border. "Opaque" will make the shape a solid color. This menu does not effect how the bot sees the shape.

Physicality Menu

The Physicality menu allows the bots' perceptions of the shapes to be changed. Selecting "bots can see shapes" will cause the shape to register with the bots eyes; bots can detect a shape using the .reftype sysvar. Selecting "bots can see through shapes" will cause the shape to be transparent to the bot. Selecting "shapes absorb shots" will cause the object to absorb shots instead of allowing them to bounce off of it.