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.aimsx 6 .aimdx 5
.up 1
.sx 3 Veggietransparent.gif .dx 4
.dn 2
.aim 18 .setaim 19
.maxvel 11
.setboy 314 .rdboy 315

Forwards compatibility note:

aimdx is the old name for aimright

aimsx is the old name for aimleft


V221.gif {{{num}}} [[{{{sysvar}}}]] is a movement Sysvar. Without these, there could be no movement, just bouncing, gliding, flowing and tie-pushing.


  • [[{{{sysvar}}}]] accelerates the robot {{{dir}}}. It uses memory location {{{num}}} of the bot to store how much it accelerates in that direction.


10 [[{{{sysvar}}}]] store


10 {{{num}}} store

This puts 10 on the stack. Than it puts {{{num}}} on the stack. Than it stores 10 in memory location {{{num}}} of the bot ([[{{{sysvar}}}]]) and removes {{{num}}} and 10 from the stack. The 10 in memory location {{{num}}} of the bot accelerates it +10 {{{dir}}} if it has not reached the maximum acceleration in that direction.

10 [[{{{sysvar}}}]] store

A robot with this gene would constantly accelerate {{{dir}}} at a rate of 10 per turn. That is to say that his velocity in that direction would increase by a value of 10. If it should rotate then the direction in which the acceleration takes place would also change.

Technical Details:

Movement values get cut above 1000 and below -1000, then added up to a single vector including tie and other propulsion vectors, then the vector gets cut to a length of 40 as maximum aceleration.

More details at Movement.